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Kyoto Sushi Menu

Detroit’s most incredible sushi is right here in Royal Oak

Kyoto Sushi Menu

Detroit’s most incredible sushi is right here in Royal Oak

Vegetarian Roll or Hand Roll

Oshinko Roll $3.25

Pickled radish

Kompyo Roll $3.25


Vegetable Tempura Roll $4.75

Asparagus and sweet potato

Avocado Roll $4.25

Asparagus Roll $4.5

Mixed Vegetable $4.5

Cucumber Roll $4

Sweet Potato Roll $4.25

Cooked Roll or Hand Roll

Kani Cream Cheese Roll $5

California Roll $5

Eel Avocado Roll $6.45

Eel Cucumber Roll $6.45

Shrimp Tempura Roll $5.75

Chicken Tempura Roll $5.45

Cooked Prawn w/ Cucumber Roll $5.45

Salmon Tempura Roll $5.75

White Tuna Tempura $6.95

Cream cheese, crunchy

Jalapeno Cream Cheese Roll $5.75

Deep fried jalapeno

Da Bomb Roll $6.95

Shrimp tempura, avocado, spicy mayo, and crab stick

Salmon Skin Roll $5.45

Raw Roll or Hand Roll

Salmon Roll $5

Tuna Roll $5

Yellowtail Scallion Roll $5

White Tuna Roll $5

Spicy Salmon Roll $5.45

Spicy Tuna Roll $5.45

Or with Crunchy

Dynamite Roll $6.95

Tuna, Yellowtail, and Scallion w/ Spicy Sauce

Double Tuna Roll $6.5

Tuna and White Tuna w/ Massago Cucumber

Fatty Tuna $14

Spicy Scallop Roll $7.95

Spicy White Tuna $5.75

Spicy Yellowtail Roll $5.75

Sushi & Sashimi a la carte

Sake $2.25


Smoke Salmon $2.25

Saba $2.25

Maguro $2.5


Toro $10

Fatty Tuna

Tobiko $2.25

Crab Caviar

Tako $2.25


Masago $2.25

Flying Fish Roe

Tamago $1.6


Uni $5.5

Sea Urchin

Unagi $3

Smoked Eel

Hotategai $3.5


Hokkigai $2.25

Red Clam

Hamachi $2.5


Ikura $3

Salmon Roe

Ika $2.25


White Tuna $2.5


Amaebi $3.5

Jumbo Sweet Shrimp

Kani $2

Crab Stick

Tai $2.25

Red Snapper

Ebi $2.25

Cooked Shrimp

Bronzini $2.25

Striped Bass

Tilapia $2.25

Special Sushi Rolls

Alaskan Roll $8

Smoked salmon over cucumber & cream cheese roll

Alligator Roll $12

Grilled eel & avocado over shrimp tempura & cucumber roll

American Dream $12

Shrimp tempura, grilled eel, cucumber & avocado roll
topped w/ masago

Boston Roll $10

Smoked salmon & lemon over shrimp tempura
& cucumber roll

Crispy Eel (Deep Fried) $10

Grilled eel, avocado & cucumber

Funky Tuna (Deep Fried) $10

Tuna, crabstick & cucumber

Futo Maki $9.5

Shrimp, crabstick, omelet, cucumber, kompyo & oshinko

Happy Roll $10

Salmon & tuna over avocado & asparagus roll

King Roll $11

Spicy tuna & masago over grilled eel & cucumber roll

Lake Side Roll $11

Shrimp over crabstick & cucumber roll

Mexican Roll $11

Jalapeno tempura over shrimp tempura & cream cheese roll
drizzled with spicy mayo & eel sauce

Philadelphia Roll $12

Spicy yellowtail & crunchy over smoked salmon, cucumber
& cream cheese roll

Queen Roll $9

Spicy tuna & masago over cucumber & avocado roll

Rainbow Roll $12

Salmon, tuna, white tuna & yellowtail over california roll

Rock 'n Roll $12

Salmon & tuna over grilled eel & avocado roll

Spider Roll $10

Soft shell crab tempura & cucumber topped w/ masago

Chef’s Special

Dragon Roll $16.5

Grilled eel over lobster meat, blue crabmeat & cucumber roll

Flying Dragon Roll $13

Lobster meat over shrimp tempura & asparagus roll

Ichiban Roll $13

Cucumber wrapped over shrimp tempura, spicy tuna & masago roll

Lobster King $13.95

Lobster tempura over spicy tuna & avocado roll

Manhattan Roll $13.75

Grilled eel, avocado & masago over shrimp tempura, blue crabmeat, & cucumber roll

Naruto Roll $12.45

Cucumber wrapped over salmon, tuna, yellowtail, crabstick, avocado & masago

Ocean City Roll $12.45

Grilled smoked salmon over crabstick, avocado, cucumber &
cream cheese roll

Royal Oak Roll $13

Avocado & masago over soft shell crab tempura, blue crabmeat & cucumber roll

Spicy Rio Roll (Deep Fried) $13.75

Grilled eel, crabstick, avocado, omelet & cream cheese

Victory Secret $13.95

Shrimp tempura, kani salad, cucumber, & lettuce w/ soybean wrapper

Volcano Roll $13.95

Grilled eel & avocado roll topped w/ seared scallop

Sushi Dinner Entrees

Served with Soup & Salad. No Substitutions.

Sushi Combo $20

Chef’s choice 8 pcs sushi & California roll

Sushi Deluxe Combo $26

Chef’s choice 12 pcs sushi & California roll

Chirashi Don $22

Chef’s choice 15 pcs of assorted sashimi over sushi rice

Sashimi Combo $22

Chef’s choice 15 pcs sashimi, served w/ sushi rice

Regular Party Platter $82

California Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, Rainbow Roll & Chef’s choice 18 pcs sashimi & 18 pcs sushi

Sashimi Boat $92

Chef’s choice 60 pcs of assorted sashimi

Sashimi Deluxe Combo $30

Chef’s choice 20 pcs sashimi, served w/ sushi rice

Sushi & Sashimi Combo $32

Chef’s choice 12 pcs sashimi & 8 pcs sushi

Sushi without Raw Fish $18.95

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