The Kyoto Reward Card

Earn 5% Cash Reward points for your next meal!

How it Works

When you present your Kyoto Reward Card at the end of your meal, you’ll receive 5% Cash Reward Points, good for use on any future meal!

  • FREE
  • No personal information
  • No limit to reward points
  • No exclusions
  • Occasional bonus days when you can receive even more points!

At the end of your meal, present you card to your server.  You will receive 5% of your bill before tax in cash rewards that you can use like a debit card for future meals. If your total was $100, $5 will be added to the card. It’s not redeemable for cash and any unused value will remain on the card, but you can add cash value to it at any time.  We’re not responsible for any lost or stolen cards, so be careful with it!

Come in and get yours today!

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