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Join us this season for Sushi Roll Ridiculousness, where your favorite sushi rolls will compete in a bracket tournament to earn the title of Most Ridiculously Delicious Sushi Roll. The competition is live on our Facebook page with a new match up almost every day from March 17-April 6. Check back to see the latest winners and get your vote in to help your favorite roll rise to the top!

Round 1 – The Sushi Sixteen

From March 17-24, see all sixteen rolls compete, one each day, to see who will move on to the Eely Eight.

Round 2 – The Eely Eight

From March 27-30, see the eight most favorite rolls go head to head for the privilege of entering the Futomaki Four.

Round 3 – The Futomaki Four

On April 2nd and 3rd, cheer on your favorite to get them into the Championship

Round 4 – The Championship

This is it! Who will win? Make sure you come back to find out!